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A new book
from Amelia Reese
and Dustin Reese

Everyone loved Chef Duck’s food...

But this day, someone did not! Join Chef Duck as she adventures through the ocean and back for the best fish pancakes and sea bacon a chef could make!

Father/daughter duo returns!

Hot off the success of Buninjas, father-daughter duo Amelia and Dustin are back with another exciting book! Written by Amelia and drawn by Dustin, this kids book is for all the little chefs in the world..

Chef Duck - Coming to Kickstarter

Coming to Kickstarter!

After the book art has been finalized, look for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Stay tuned for more information

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Buninjas: Ninja Bunny Quest

Check out the original book by Amelia and Dustin, Buninjas! The story of two bunnies who wanted to become ninjas.

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